The Many Advantages of Owning a Fiberglass Pool

Sea Cove fiberglass pool

Your investment in a Hawaiian Island Pool over other fiberglass, vinyl-liner, and inground concrete pools is enhanced by its long-term durability and the savings in monthly chemical, electrical, and maintenance costs. Advantages of fiberglass over inground concrete pools also include a smooth, non-abrasive finish (no more scrapes, cuts or snagged bathing suits) and an inert composition that helps inhibit algae formation, lowering chemical and maintenance costs

Unlike inground concrete pools, Hawaiian Island  fiberglass pools never need resurfacing (repainting, replastering, or remarciting) or liner replacement like vinyl-liner pools. Our fiberglass pools are also 17 times stronger than inground concrete pools, exhibiting enhanced flexibility that enable them to withstand expanding soil conditions and pressure as a result of changing temperatures. This allows Hawaiian Islands Fiberglass Pools to be installed from the warmest to the coldest climates.

Hawaiian Island Pools offer the most sought after pool designs including specialty pools: sport pools, lap pools, patio pools, condo pools and spas. Designs that include the most popular features: waterline tile and built-in spas, water features, children’s wading area, sun tanning shelfs, steps, benches, therapy jets, swim outs and pool lighting. Your contractor can add popular features like pool slides, water falls and exterior spillover spas or Jacuzzis.

The many advantages of owning a HAWAIIAN ISLAND POOLS FIBERGLASS POOL

Hawaiian Island Fiberglass Pools


  1. Fiberglass strengthens with age!
  2. Fiberglass never deteriorates.
  3. Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete with a flexible strength of 54,000 psi, allowing up to 12 inches of flexibility. Movement that would destroy most pools.
  4. Hawaiian Island Pool’s Integrated Matrix System, allows its Extreme Quartz™ pool finish to become an integral part of the finished pool, producing a durable long lasting finish with greater chemical and corrosion resistance.
  5. Hawaiian Island Fiberglass Pools carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty* against leaking caused by structural defects in the laminate.

FIBERGLASS POOLS never have to be drained for acid washing, remarciting, re-plastering or painting like concrete pools or liner replacements like vinyl liner pools. “Saving You Thousands Of Dollars!”

FIBERGLASS POOLS have a smooth, non-porous surface, and does not harbor resident algae and makes cleaning 90% easier.

  1. Less vacuuming time.
  2. No marcite or plaster to brush.

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools

FIBERGLASS POOLS with their smooth, non-porous surface, do not require large amounts of chlorine, algaecides or other sanitizers to combat resident algae, therefore require up to 66% less cost in chemicals.

  1. Smooth Non-Porous and Non-Bleed Surface not found in concrete pools.
  2. Chlorine level is maintained at 1.0 ppm (parts per million) versus 3.0 ppm for concrete pools. “A part of the 66% savings with HAWAIIAN ISLANDS FIBERGLASS POOLS.”
  3. FIBERGLASS POOLS require much less acid. A concrete pool bleeds alkali into water upsetting chemical balance and preventing chlorine from doing its job, thus requiring more acid to chemically balance the water.

FIBERGLASS POOLS are built in a modern factory under a strict quality control standard, with constant supervision. Not in a backyard like concrete and vinyl pools.

FIBERGLASS POOLS can be installed quickly with a minimum of disruption to your home and neighborhood.

  1. Faster installation can mean less damage to your backyard. And quicker use of your new swimming pool.

Hawaiian Island Fiberglass Pools are ”Swimmer Friendly”

  1. No more skinned knees, torn or snagged bathing suits.
  2. Less chlorine means no hair discoloration or faded bathing suits.

Fiberglass Pools save you money on Pool Heating Cost. Fiberglass Pool walls act as an insulator allowing you to cut back the time your pool filter pump has to run, reducing your pool heating and electric cost.

Fiberglass pools compare in cost to a concrete pool, however these advantages  you will see over time with lower chemical cost, heating cost and maintenance cost will  ”Save You Thousands Of Dollars” while helping to protect our environment and allowing your family “More Swimming Pool Pleasure”.