Manufacturing and Installation

Commitment to Manufacturing Quality

Hawaiian Island Pools - Twin Key

Hawaiian Island Pools in New Port Richey, Florida is Florida’s premier installers  of Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass swimming pools. We lead not only Florida but also the nation in evolutionary patented fiberglass swimming pool designs. Hawaiian Island Pools offers Florida residents the largest network of  sizes and shapes, providing 70 premier swimming pool models. Our premier fiberglass pools are also available in most major cities in the U.S.

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools are produced as a one-piece seamless fiberglass unit designed and manufactured using the highest quality fiberglass cloth and most technically advanced resins under strictly supervised factory conditions by Certified Composite Technicians (CCT). Each pool is individually crafted by hand, with the thickness of polymer coatings being specified within a few thousandths of an inch. These methods are further assured by the personal inspection of each and every pool before shipment.

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Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools are manufactured under strict quality control standards that include a combination of technical expertise, the latest technology in manufacturing, engineering and design, with a strong commitment to detail.

Installation of your Hawaiian Island Pool

Hawaiian Island Pools - manufacturing and installation

Because Hawaiian Island Pools offers fiberglass pools that are manufactured in a one-piece design, they can usually be installed within five days. So you and your family will be swimming in your Blue Hawaiian Island Pool in no time at all!

Once you have decided on the purchase of one of our fiberglass pools, you will be provided with a hand-drawn plan for the location and landscaping of your pool area. Your sales designer will work with you to create the perfect environment for the pool area including pool shape and placement, the deck or patio, proper filtration system and your choice of pool accessories.

Your swimming pool will be delivered to your home on a special trailer. Following an efficient excavation procedure, the finished pool is placed by a large crane. Next, the filtration system and selected accessories are installed. Then your family can get wet in their new, beautiful Fiberglass Swimming Pool.

The Hawaiian Island Pools staff or your sales designer will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the design, manufacturing, and installation of our fiberglass pools. All of us at Hawaiian Island Fiberglass Pools look forward to helping you enjoy your very own Fiberglass Swimming Pool!