Fiberglass Pool Installation

Starting dig

Starting dig

Day 1 we start excavation and get the area ready for the pool to arrive later that same day.

Preparing the hole day 1

Preparing Hole

As we dig we set the elevation we want the pool to be at.005

As the hole is being dug we check the elevation height every few feet to ensure the pool sits level.


almost ready for pool

When the hole is completed the bottom of the hole will mirror the shape of the fiberglass pool shell. 

pool is placed day 1

Placing pool with crane

Later on still day 1 we use a crane to lift the pool into the hole. 


Setting pool

A properly excavated  hole makes the pool leveling process much easier, upon placing the fiberglass pool shell a system of hydraulic jacks are placed around the permiter of the pool to level the pool shell.

Day 3 pool is totally backfilled and leveled

Day 3 Pool is backfilled and leveled completely

Normally by the third day the pool is backfilled and full of water.

Deck being formed for concrete base

Deck being formed for concrete base

After the fiberglass pool shell installation is completed we form the decking the will be poured around the pool.

Footers being formed

Footers being formed

In some cases footers are necessary on the outside on the deck, we form those and insert a steel rebar along the perimeter for added strength.


deck and tile being completed

There are a few options for the deck around the pool, this paticular pool has a paver deck with a riser on the back side that tile will be applied to.


finished pool!

And here is the completed pool, the whole process of installing the pool is 15 working days after excavation has begun so the process is much faster that a concrete pool and the amount of time you have construction at your house is greatly reduced. More time to enjoy your new pool!


Choosing the right pool for you isn’t always an easy choice but generally comes down to either a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool. We believe the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool far exceed that of a concrete pool such as no resurfacing the pool, two thirds less chemicals use, no more skinned knees or snagged bathing suits and less time maintaining your pool.

We carry over 60 different shapes and sizes of pools and spas and we give estimates at no cost, we have strived over the years to build a reputation as a quality pool builder and have acheived that reputation by giving our customers the best service both before and after the pool is completed. We have 27 years experience installing only fiberglass pools and do so with our own employees. Please ask us for a list of satisfied customers and check us out on the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Please call us today at 727-843-0423

4 thoughts on “Fiberglass Pool Installation

    • no, a fence is all that is needed around the yard as long as you put child alarms on the doors and windows that lead out to the pool area inside the fence.

    • In this area the soil is sandy and does not require any type of stone to be put under the pool but there are areas around the country that do need that we just do not here.

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